Before They Become Everyone’s Favorite Stock

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July 28, 2012

So many corny stock puns I should work for CNBC.

This filter at its basic core is a close above the weekly 50ema. Its a simple strategy. Why? Because no big move happens without that simple principle. There are plenty of moving averages you can apply that too, but you will get a lot more noise out of it and TBH there is more to this filter, but still.

There are many more, some I included for variety purposes like IO. RDC I like better, as well as SDRL. However, some sectors like Computers/Tech with Redhat, ADI, and MXIM look good as well. TIBX and SAP too.
Some retailers are also setting up. PSUN, URBN, and some other retailers, but they are not as amazing as the tech/oil/commodity plays right now.

BTW I would now SELL MRK up 18%.